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Valle Shield In Stock

Valle Shield In Stock

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#1 Safety Screen of MLB. All 30 Major League ball parks have now purchased the Valle Shield ! 

 The Valle Shield with its patented design, which contains a "Front Hanging Net", was developed to do what no other hitting screen in baseball or softball has ever accomplished. The Valle Shield keeps the batter SAFE! The old-style conventional L Screens were designed to keep the pitcher from a batted ball hit back up the middle at them. Baseball & Softball, and how we practice hitting, has evolved and much of our batting practice is at a close-up range. As a result of this change, there is an increase in the risk of balls ricocheting off a standard L Screen at high speeds, thus putting the batter in danger. The only answer to this serious issue is to eliminate any dangerous ricochet. The patented Valle Shield design reduces this risk to virtually zero when doing front toss, or at any close range, of any harmful, high velocity ricochet back towards a hitter.
NOTE: For safety, the Front Hanging Net should be replaced yearly.


One major worry I have always had as a coach is players getting hurt from balls that ricochet off L-screens when doing soft toss and taking batting practice.  Many players have been hit with several taking shots to the head and face area. Hitters can now get their work in without fear of injury and really focus on their swing.  This screen is easy to move, strong, and durable. One of the best inventions ever for baseball. We absolutely love these screens."

Kevin Seitzer – Atlanta Braves Hitting Coach