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Unsure what glove is best for you? Try out our Glove Assistant! Our Glove Assistant will ask you questions about what sport you play, which position(s) you play, your age, and a few other questions to then provide you with the best glove recommendation!

There's a perfect Valle Glove for every ballplayer out there, and we're here to help you find it.

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1 Year Glove Warranty


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"Our guys use Valle training gloves as a part of their everyday routine. They are a huge part of our player development."

Brock Bennett

University of Georgia Assistant Coach

"Valle Gloves are a mainstay in our program. The training gloves have allowed us to maximize our early training sessions and have helped us really develop fundamentals of fielding ground balls."

Johnny Cardenas

Stephen F. Austin Head Coach

"Valle training gloves are my go to training gloves. The leather is top-notch and the multiple glove options allow our players to use a glove that helps their individual needs."

Doug Bernier

Colorado Rockies Defensive Coordinator

"If you're not using Valle, you're missing out on one of the best training tools out there."

Kyle Schmidt

Minnesota Twins Professional Player

"Valle makes a comfortable and durable glove that provides infielders with the ability to train pocket accuracy in order to catch balls more cleanly and efficiently."

Tim DeJohn

Baltimore Orioles Infield Coordinator

"All position players in the NY Yankees organization frequently use Valle Training Gloves in their training. I highly recommend their products if you are looking for solutions to expedite your defenders abilities."

Aaron Gershenfeld

New York Yankees Defensive Coordinator

Warranty Disclaimer: Any steaming, microwaving, or water treatment, completely voids any and all glove warranty.