Our Family

We are a family owned company that takes pride in creating the highest quality, most innovative, baseball and softball products on the market. After being selected in the MLB Draft in the 2nd round by the Detroit Tigers in 1972 and playing 13 years of professional baseball, John Valle started Valle Sporting Goods in 2003. He felt that there was an opportunity to create products that could assist players in being able to elevate their development, regardless of their skill level. Currently, John runs the company with his wife Debbie, daughter Jessica and son Dave.

We have been selling all our products to MLB, college baseball and softball, and youth programs for many years. Our all white training gloves have become a valued asset for any team or individual looking to improve their defensive skills. The patented Valle Shield, is the most revolutionary L-screen to ever be developed, which is why 30 of the 30 MLB teams have switched to using the Shield in their stadium cages to protect their players and coaches. All of the products with the "Valle" logo have become synonymous with reliability, quality, and durability.

There are two things that make us unique here at Valle Sporting Goods. One, all of our products are designed by former and current professional players or coaches. This is a huge advantage, because no one knows the needs or what works better than those that have played or coached at the highest level. Two, because we are a family run company, we try to be intentional about making the experience for the customer a pleasant and enjoyable one. No matter what you purchase from us, we view you as part of the Valle family!